TOTOCC News The Best Smartwatches for Sports in 2023

The Best Smartwatches for Sports in 2023

We’ve put together a selection of the best smartwatches for running, ranging from top-of-the-line solutions to budget ones.

1. Apple Watch Ultra 2

The most reliable and powerful Apple Watch pushes the boundaries again with the all-new S9 SiP. A magical new way to use the watch without touching the screen with the new Double Tap feature. The brightest Apple display ever. And now, you can choose a case and band that is carbon neutral.


Double tap gesture

Accurate iPhone search

New S9 SiP chip


Imperfect temperature sensor

2. Apple Watch Series 9

The new Apple Watch Series 9 is the best device in the history of smartwatches. You will find a beautiful design, high-quality materials, and a super-thin construction. Larger buttons and a smaller screen make it even easier to use the watch. The Apple accessory has become more accurate and sensitive to pressure.


Double-tap gesture

Powerful processor

Familiar design


Low battery life

Minor updates compared to its predecessor

3. Apple Watch Nike Series 7

New for 2021: Apple Watch 7 smartwatch. The sports version with a large screen will provide quick access to all activity indicators. Powerful protection against damage and moisture will not be superfluous if you are a mountaineer, hiker, or cyclist. In addition, the watch will provide up to a full day of operation without recharging, and the kit includes an improved powerful magnetic charger that can quickly recharge the device while you’re, for example, busy cooking, writing your essay paper, or working.

4. Apple Watch Ultra

A rethought approach to the production of cases for the new Apple Watch Ultra allows them to be used in the harshest conditions on the planet: at depth while diving, in severe cold, or in unbearable heat. Titanium was chosen as the main material because it combines the unique properties of lightness, strength, and corrosion resistance.


Wayfinder dial

Up to 36 hours of battery life

Internal memory of 32 GB


Lack of LTE support

Heavy compared to others

5. Xiaomi Amazfit GTS

A technically advanced watch with a huge and clear display will allow its user to choose one of 12 sports modes of activity reading. Information about heart rate and air pressure will also be available thanks to an optical sensor and a barometer, respectively. The Xiaomi Amazfit GTS smartwatch is not just waterproof but also fully waterproof up to 50 meters underwater. You will also have access to many watch face customizations and a versatile watch design that can be combined with a business meeting or jogging.


Good battery life

Very light and comfortable

Wide functionality


Freezes when switching tracks

Does not show notifications when working with iOS

High cost

6. Polar Unite

The Polar Unite smartwatch is a heart rate monitor with a simple and elegant design that can be worn on a regular basis.


Laconic design

High-quality materials

Measurement of heart rate


The lack of GPS

7. Xiaomi Mi Band 8

A stylish solution in the world of fitness bracelets. A fashionable accessory thanks to the variety of straps of different shapes and colors, and it is possible to wear it not only on the hand but also around the neck.


Color AMOLED display

Compatible with Android and iOS

Powerful battery


Incomplete sleep tracking

8. Xiaomi Mi Band 5

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet is a multifunctional gadget that will allow you to monitor the main indicators of the body and your physical activity around the clock.


Physical activity monitoring

Calorie counting

Sleep monitoring


Not enough accurate heart rate tracking

How to choose a smartwatch for running?

Such questions require careful consideration since each person has their individual physiological qualities, and therefore, the measurement of body condition indicators will also be individual. Some people prefer the comfort and simplicity of the data displayed, while others like to keep an eye on the detailed numbers that the device on your wrist can give you. We will try to answer a number of basic questions when choosing a smartwatch for running that you should pay attention to.

Features of a smartwatch

GPS and accelerometer. For running, the most important indicators, oddly enough, will be the distance covered during training and the pace of running. The exact route and the number of calories burned will be auxiliary tools.

These measurements are mainly the responsibility of the GPS module that is built into the smartwatch. Information from several satellites is fed into the module, and based on the calculations, you eventually get accurate data on the distance traveled, route, and speed. In case of GPS signal loss, the smartwatch uses the accelerometer to calculate your movement and acceleration. This method will prevent you from losing some of the information about your workout in a city with tall buildings or in a forest where the satellite signal is weak.


Almost all smartwatches that are suitable for sports are equipped with sensors:

  • Heart rate monitor;
  • Sensor for measuring blood oxygen saturation;
  • Altimeter;
  • Barometer.

If everything is clear with the heart rate monitor and it shows your heart rate in real-time, then functions such as measuring blood pressure or blood oxygen saturation are much less common.

Program settings

Program settings are a set of tools that simplify your workout by displaying information or sound signals:

Programming training intervals is a versatile feature that is useful for running and any other discipline;

Setting tempo and heart rate zones based on your individual needs. This will definitely help to improve your performance and benefit from exercise;

The ability to cut off laps or intervals by pressing a button on the watch. This method will allow you to individually adjust the duration and intensity of your workout;

Indication of an excess of the heart rate level over the set level or the completion of the completed lap with a sound signal or vibration.

Additional functionality

There are several points that will affect the experience of using a smartwatch:

Activity tracking. This feature will allow you to view a summary of steps, distance, and other body indicators throughout the day, even when not exercising;

The quality of the Bluetooth connection. This determines how fast the process of data exchange between the watch and smartphone will go, as well as the connection to it;

Software. And this is one of the fundamental points if you want to familiarize yourself with detailed summaries of your activity and training results. This is the responsibility of the application that is installed on the smartphone and works directly with the smartwatch;

Built-in functionality. Where without additional options, such as music control or getting an up-to-date weather report. These little things will help you enjoy your workout more.


When choosing your first smartwatch for sport, you need to be guided by a few basic rules:

  • Necessary functionality;
  • Software;
  • Design;
  • Price segment.

A set of these criteria will allow you not only to choose the right device for you but also to choose a model as a gift.

For a beginner, a smartwatch with basic functions is quite suitable. Here, you can limit yourself to measuring the number of steps, distance, and heart rate monitor. Such a set of functions will save your device’s battery and won’t hit your wallet;

For an amateur, you can choose something from the middle price segment with increased measurement accuracy and features such as route display on the watch screen;

For professionals, a smartwatch for running is not an assistant but a serious tool that can be used to determine the quality of training and weaknesses in preparation. The price tag for such models is already quite high, but they offer such functions as measuring blood oxygen saturation, training planning, intervals for recovery during training, and many other parameters.


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