TOTOCC News Betting in Curaçao: Rules and Regulations

Betting in Curaçao: Rules and Regulations

The jurisdiction is most famous for issuing licensing for operators and setting high-class gambling standards globally. Even though Curaçao certification is one of the most renowned in the world, it’s strict and requires gambling platforms such as Curacao betting sites to comply with numerous regulations. This commitment to stringent regulations ensures that Curaçao betting sites provide a safe and fair gaming environment for players worldwide.

Curaçao’s Role in Online Betting

Curaçao eGaming is one of the leading offshore licence issuers in the world. It remains equally common for newly established platforms and operators that have been in the industry for decades. It provides strict rules for licensees, but many casinos and sportsbooks still choose it. The secret is in the tax legislation: since Curaçao eGaming is an offshore authority, operators have a 0% VAT (value-added tax) attractive for gambling companies. They only have to pay a 2% tax on net profit, which is beneficial compared to other jurisdictions.

Licensing and Regulatory Framework

The Curaçao Gaming Control Board licenses and supervises operators in the region and beyond. This certification covers all activities, which is convenient for platforms providing both sports betting and casino opportunities. Moreover, acquiring a Curaçao licensing is simple for operators, which is why many iGaming market players choose it.

The Process of Obtaining a Curaçao License

Operators often select this jurisdiction due to the accessibility and affordability of local licensing. Companies desiring to acquire it must pay a $5,000 application fee. After that, a yearly license fee will cost them around $14,000. As a rule, the authority approves the application within two weeks. It’s worth noting that the Curaçao Government is working on the program improvement to make it even cheaper and easier to acquire. Here are the steps operators should follow to operate under the Curaçao eGaming control:

  1. Establish a company in the jurisdiction.
  2. Prepare all the required documents.
  3. Submit the application for licensing.
  4. Pay the required fee and provide a receipt.

Documents necessary for the application include founders’ passports, the company’s charter, confirmation of housing and communal services payments, and a paper approving no criminal record for the company’s owner. Overall, the list of documents is quite short, so obtaining a Curaçao licensing is considered one of the simplest procedures. After the authority confirms the application, an operator has to wait several weeks, after which the casino or sportsbook can begin working legally.

Rules and Regulations for Operators

Obtaining a Curaçao license is among the simplest, but it doesn’t mean operators don’t have to comply with multiple rules. Regulations are strict, as the authority aims to provide a legal and secure environment for the iGaming industry. The primary principles licensees must comply with include the following:

  • Financial transparency of the gambling operator: the company must provide all the required documents and reports of their money transfers.
  • Player protection measures: including robust security protocols, must be the number one priority for casinos and bookies. Implementing stringent safety mechanisms is not only essential for ensuring fair play but also for sending personal information safely, maintaining the trust of players.
  • AML regulations: anti-money laundering is essential in the gambling sphere, so appropriate procedures must be initiated.

Compliance with all the above rules is mandatory for each operator under the Curaçao jurisdiction. In case of violation, the company will be deprived of its license for a certain period or forever.

Challenges and Concerns

The Curaçao license is the most popular in the world, as it offers multiple benefits for operators. At the same time, it faces challenges and its imperfect reputation among iGaming market players. The thing is, it can be acquired by almost any casino or sportsbook, as the process is as simplified as possible. Even though the Curaçao Gaming Control Board implemented stricter regulations earlier in 2023, many still consider it an unreliable authority.

Many countries don’t approve licensing from this responsible body, so operators won’t be able to operate in the US, France, Netherlands, and Singapore. The restrictions are not so strict, as Curaçao licensing is still accepted globally. However, these markets are huge, and operators cannot enter them due to the regulator’s restrictions.

Moreover, some gambling companies still consider Curaçao licensing tough, as its requirements imply one of the founders residing in the jurisdiction. This point decreases demand for the authority’s certification, making casinos choose MGA or other bodies.

Another issue is that the licensing authority doesn’t assist players on disputable occasions in online casinos. Therefore, users are left one-on-one with their problems and can lose personal funds. This prevents gamblers from choosing Curaçao-licenced online casinos and sportsbooks.

The Future of Betting in Curaçao

Even though the authority has several drawbacks, it’s still a trustworthy licensing option. Operators get an appropriate certification for a relatively low cost, while players can spend time on a reliable platform. Curaçao eGaming regularly implements updates and improvements, simplifying the licensing procedure. This makes it a great choice not only for betting on NBA games and other sports but also for accessing top apps to gamble responsibly.

On the 1st of September 2023, a new LOK (National Ordinance on Games of Chance) was presented. It’s anticipated to be implemented in the first quarter of 2024. LOK will replace the current regulations, replacing the master and sublicense system. In such an instance, all gambling operators will be able to receive their personal master certifications. However, the existing licensees won’t notice any difference, as the Curaçao Gaming Control Board guarantees a smooth transition.

The Final Word

Curaçao eGaming remains among the most reliable and widespread gambling regulatory bodies. Operators choose this licensing due to its affordability and accessibility. Moreover, it allows casinos and sportsbooks to operate in most countries, excluding the US, France, the Netherlands, and Singapore. Despite its popularity, the authority still has to overcome numerous challenges: acquiring a certification is easy for casinos, so many consider it unreliable.

The body doesn’t have strict requirements, which allows every operator to get a Curaçao licensing with a few steps. However, the landscape will completely change with the implementation of the new LOK at the beginning of 2024. The authority aims to increase its reputation and provide improved services for gambling companies and players.


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