TOTOCC News Top Apps to Gamble Responsibly: Finding the Right Platforms for NBA Bettors

Top Apps to Gamble Responsibly: Finding the Right Platforms for NBA Bettors

That’s why it’s important to play responsibly. Self-control can help you do that for better effect. We’ll discover the best third-party platforms you can use. 

Understanding Responsible Gambling

The game that brings pleasure and no problems is responsible. Licensed bookmakers must comply with the established norms of cash-in limits, round-the-clock support, and support of responsible gambling.

Operators themselves choose which self-exclusion system to cooperate with. The most popular is the British GamStop. It is free to all with permission from the UK Regulatory Commission. Another essential condition is verification. Verification protects the casino and the gamblers by preventing fraudsters from entering the platform. Only adults are allowed to verify.

Before registering, ensure the bookie adheres to these standards and gives everything needed to prevent addiction. 

Why It Matters for NBA Bettors

You are confident in your team and are ready to bet a large amount, believing in victory. You probably even study statistics and follow the latest news to make more accurate predictions. But crossing the line and getting carried away is easy – emotions often take over. 

The NBA has recently focused on responsible betting and published basic principles for fans on its official website. In addition, this year, they launched a campaign with the slogan “Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly”. This included events at match venues and communication via social media.

A National Center for Responsible Gambling study found that 1% of Americans have a gambling problem. Ten million people around the country have even more severe addiction issues. Therefore, we cannot overlook it.

Responsible gambling tools are necessary, especially for those bettors who bet on non GameStop bookies – they should use alternative blockers to prevent the negative impact of gambling.

Top Responsible Gambling Apps for NBA Bettors

Self-control and deposit limits help to prevent addiction. However, stricter restrictions are needed if a player or his relatives have noticed unusual behaviour. The most convenient option is programs with a self-exclusion function. Just a few clicks, and you cannot use the bookie services. The period is up to you. Here are the best options.


GamStop has played a crucial role in cultivating responsible gambling habits among UK bettors. Some people call the scheme radical, but it does the job. You can block for six months, a year, or five years. Once activated, you lose access to all gambling platforms licensed by the UKGC. You can contact them via chat on the official webpage.

Not everyone is satisfied with the limited restriction period and the inability to cancel. So, not all bookies are on the GamStop scheme, some of them are based offshore and still are accessible for UK punters. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to non-GamStop bookmakers; having variety is good.


That’s another free application you can easily install on PCs or mobile devices. It blocks more than 6,000 websites, including non-UK licensed ones. The main pros is a wide range of self-exclusion periods. You can even block access for several hours or days. However, just like with GamStop, you must wait until the selected period’s end. So choose carefully. Among the disadvantages, users note:

  • Technical problems. From time to time, the application crashes or glitches. However, this does not affect restrictions, and the team solves issues with updates. 
  • Response delays. Technical support is not available around the clock and can take quite a long time. We suspect that this is because the app is free.

You can find the app on Google Play and the AppStore.


The tool’s effectiveness lies in its resilience. You can remove it from the device, but the action will remain with you until the end of the selected period. When you visit gambling websites, you will see the Gamban warning, no bets. The difference with the previous options is in the price. A monthly subscription costs $5.19, and it includes restrictions on all gambling sites, regardless of the license (over 60 thousand at the moment). Additionally, subscribers gain access to valuable resources provided by Gamban. All newcomers can use the trial version for 7 days. You can sign up for a paid subscription if you like the functionality.

Net Nanny

When you place bets on NBA events, then NetnNanny is a great tool for you.  Despite the fact, that this app is more prevalent among parents who want to protect their children from potentially unwanted content, it is really helpful for bettors. The functionality includes gambling blocking, so it is on our list. The main difference is the ability to limit the time spent on the Internet. Complete blocking is also available, but you can choose a little control for more productivity. The cost is $55 per year. 

The disadvantage is the ability to uninstall the app and thus deactivate the self-exclusion. Usually, gamblers with addictions want to cancel the action immediately after connecting. Net Nanny allows you to do this, losing its effectiveness.


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