TOTOCC News Dunkest NBA Updates for 2023/24 Fantasy Basketball Season

Dunkest NBA Updates for 2023/24 Fantasy Basketball Season

It’s time to gear up for the new 2023/24 NBA Fantasy Basketball season with Dunkest.

With the NBA market bringing us plenty of exciting changes, we’ve updated the NBA player list with all the new Dunkest player ratings.

Starting now, you can create your fantasy NBA team for the 2023/24 season.

New Game Features

Before you start selecting players for your fantasy roster, let us introduce you to all the new features we’ve added. One of the most significant updates is the return of the desktop version. This season, you can play not only through the app (Android and Apple)  but also on the mobile site.

Here are the key new features (updates in progress):

  1. Website: As previously mentioned, we have reintroduced the option to play directly from the website at
  2. Captain’s Bonus: Another significant addition is the Captain’s Bonus, which will multiply their score by 1.5 for both the classic and draft modes starting this season.
  3. Public Leagues: A big return is the opportunity to create or join public leagues where you can find hundreds of Dunkest enthusiasts.
  4. League Chat: For both private and public leagues, the admin can add a link to a WhatsApp or Telegram group so that participants can communicate and stay in touch with each other.
  5. Notifications: Another very important addition is the introduction of personalized notifications. Thanks to this new feature, each user will receive a customized notification in case there are updates regarding the players on their roster.
  6. Cards: Cards were introduced last season (you can find all the details here), and special events will be coming in October.
  7. Statistical Tools: Statistics are a fundamental part of the game, and we’ve made moves to provide you with an increasingly updated and powerful portal for all your needs. (Coming soon)
  8. New Season Pass: There are important new benefits on the way as well. Lineups and injured players will return to being free, while the Season Pass will offer many other advantages that we will announce in the coming days.
  9. Resting Players: Starting this season, players who, due to scheduling reasons, receive the average score will not be eligible for captaincy.
  10. Scoring System Optimization: Scores are the foundation of fantasy basketball, and one of our biggest goals is to make them more accurate and stimulating. We are reintroducing the “block suffered” statistic, while eliminating the penalty for fouling out.

This is just an initial list of updates. As we mentioned last season, we’ve started a new journey that allows us to make continuous improvements to make your Dunkest experience better every day.

Dunkest NBA Fantasy Basketball List for 2023/24

To make it easier for all draft mode enthusiasts, we have provided the Dunkest NBA 2023/24 List in Excel format for download below so that you can start your auction in the coming days.

Remember that starting from Day 1, you’ll find the Dunkest List in our Statistics section with all the updated statistics for each player, including credits, Dunkest points (PDK), and gains.

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