TOTOCC News Betting on NBA Matches with Your AmEx Card: Novice Guide

Betting on NBA Matches with Your AmEx Card: Novice Guide

The quick evolution of online bookmakers makes the process easier and more accessible for more US gamblers. And, with the legalization of online betting in several American states, basketball fans have the luxury of making predictions on match outcomes without leaving the comfort of their homes. Hence, the rise of American Express sports betting sites has become attractive for many. Let’s look at all the peculiarities of online punting on basketball in the US and some valuable tips to make the pastime more beneficial.

Legality Questions: In Which States Can You Bet on Basketball?

The US is known to have strict gambling and betting laws, but the benefit is each state’s government can decide on it independently. Currently, punting is not forbidden in Delaware, Iowa, West Virginia, New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut, Kansas, Arizona, South Dakota, Indiana, and, of course, Nevada. Residents of these states can engage in online betting for NBA and other sports.

The Attractiveness of Using AmEx Cards on Sports Betting Sites

Debit and credit cards have been on the list of popular payment methods for years, and they will never lose their relevance. US punters usually choose between Visa, Mastercard, and AmEx; the latter often wins this race. Statistics indicate that AmEx has already issued over 133 million cards, and the popularity of this payment option is growing. Despite the ongoing debate on credit card betting, there are several undoubted benefits for gamblers in using Amex cards:

  • Instant deposits and quick withdrawals
  • The system is legal and reliable
  • AmEx properly protects user data
  • No or low transaction fees for punters

This, in addition to special Amex promotions for card members and the fact that it’s both a payment network and a card issuer, makes it beneficial for users. There are no intermediaries between the two parties. For instance, Visa is only a network, so its users have to search for a bank to get their credit or debit card. Therefore, AmEx is more convenient regarding usage: there are no transaction commissions during deposits and withdrawals in sportsbooks.

Tips for Successful NBA Betting via AmEx

The popularity of placing bets on basketball is growing in the US and beyond. Participating in betting activities implies depositing, as only a few websites provide their members with free bets. Therefore, choosing a reliable payment system is essential for a successful experience. As already mentioned, AmEx is a widespread solution, as it has numerous benefits for punters. Have a look at the essentials of credit card gambling that will make your betting on basketball as exciting and beneficial as possible.

Choose a Trustworthy Online Bookmaker

The number of platforms providing juicy odds to punters is growing daily, but everyone wants to pick the best site, right? First of all, users must consider the reliability and legality of the bookmaker’s operation. Check the availability of licensing and usage of appropriate security protocols to ensure your data will be protected. Never enter your personal details into doubtful websites, and be attentive before joining any platform.

Check Whether AmEx Is on The List of Payment Methods

Even though this system is accepted in over 140 countries globally, it’s still not as widespread as Visa or Mastercard. This is not to mention that in some countries (UK, for instance) credit card gambling is prohibited. The number of sportsbooks offering this deposit and withdrawal method is limited, so checking the banking section in advance is recommended. As a rule, sports betting websites allow users to look through the available payment systems before registration.

Choose the Most Profitable Odds

It’s not a secret that different bookmakers can provide varied odds for the same NBA event. Knowing how to read betting odds, you can increase your winning chances while mitigating the risks. Compare odds on multiple betting websites and pick the one that suits you most. You can register on several platforms beforehand: replenishing the balance immediately is not mandatory. And then, you will be able to choose the best odds and place your bet when a match starts.

Take Advantage of Betting Bonuses

As well as online casinos, bookmakers face stiff competition. Providing lucrative bonuses for basketball and other sports fans is the best solution to attract punters’ attention. Users can enjoy free bets and deposit boosts, giving them more opportunities to make predictions without extra expenses. Some bookies provide special promotions for AmEx users, so don’t hesitate to claim them.

Final Verdict

AmEx is a popular payment system among online punters in the US and for a number of reasons. It does not take much time to issue a card, which you can use not only for betting but also in many other spheres. Besides, online bookies often provide special promos to AmEx users, so your experience in NBA betting can become even more beneficial. With the beginning of the NBA in-season tournament this November, you will have plenty of occasions to bet on a match with your favourite team. Just don’t forget to check the website’s reliability and control your budget when placing bets – and have additional fun when watching basketball matches.


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